Saturday, February 10, 2007

NikeTown 5K

I'm going to run a 5k!

It's a NikeTown Run for Kids, and it's in Miami. All entrance fees go straight to local schools around here, for their PE programs. Pretty awesome, huh? Well Boyfriend's job allows him free entry into this. Soooo we're going to do it.

A few months ago, Boyfriend said he wanted to run a 5K by his birthday (in early April). We both used to run alot, short distances, but pretty much every day, and we've fallen off the wagon a bit. It's easy not to run when there's not 64 other people running around you. [Drum corps reference, sorry for the uninformed.]

Soooo I kinda suck at running tho. I have bad knees and I really can't get motivated to do it. So it should be interesting doing 3.1mi because I chose to. Also, running alongside Boyfriend, cuz he doesn't even want to go to the gym with me, so this should be fun.

From now on, on top of my 25min on the bike, and 30min on the eliptical, I'm going to add in running one mile, consecutively, until it gets easier and I can add more. No walking half of it, then running a half mile, nope. I've got a month to get in shape for this, and it's not like it's a marathon or anything.

In other related news, I'm back down to the weight I was before I got all sick and poopy.Well, I guess I wasn't too poopy, since none of that was happenin' for me. Anyway, 180's here I come.


Miss Reno Nevada said...

Yeah, I know 167 doesn't seem very big, but I've got the biggest ass on a white girl. Skinny waist (well, a little ponch), big ass and thighs, etc. My arms could use some work, too. So, I'm going to lose about 20 pounds, get down to a really healthy me, and it'll be good.

You know, I'm going to post this GNARLEY picture of me in a grass skirt at my party. Oh, yes. You'll see.

Let me just say that I LOVE canned peas. Lol.

And don't worry, I love me a good pun every now and then. Silly girl! :P

Banana's Momma said...

You can do it Chels!

Oh and reading a previous post...I think Dr. Atkins died from a closed head injury, not CHF. I"m not sure, but I remember he died shortly after falling on an icy sidewalk.
I"ll google it and get back to ya!

Banana's Momma said...

ok, they aren't sure.
offical cause of death is the head injury, but there is info that "alludes" to chf.