Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm not going anywhere near my scale for a WEEK.

Ah, I was so close, and then something has to happen. I got to 190, something I haven't been since this summer, and then I get the flu, and everything is all backed up, and there's extra poundage sitting on me that simply won't come out.

A friend said it's the lack of water and lack of exercise that's stopping me up, but whatever it is, it's frustrating. Just when I start to see some serious progress something has to happen.

I know it's only been a couple days, but I just feel so unmotivated. I worked out this morning, and was completely drenched in sweat, which was nice, but I get home, and I see a number I haven't in a while. I'm not counting it too seriously, because I am, quite literally, full of shit.

I'm heading over to the gym for a second go-around of the day. I'm the type of person that gets discouraged pretty easily. Luckily, my eating habits are still okay...had a huge salad at work today.

Tonights dinner: grilled sirloin, scalloped potatoes, and lots and lots of asparagus for me. I know the potatoes aren't THAT great for me, but it's all about portion control, and I've only had about 400calories total so far today.

Despite my personal plumbing issues, my shrinking body has encouraged other women at work to come work out with me. Looks like we're going to have quite the little group at Planet Fitness. I should find out about referal specials... Either way, they're keeping me going. I hardly see my boyfriend anymore, and when I do, it's dark and we're in bed. I can't wait for our Valentines/anniversary date so I can absolutely blow his mind with how incredible I look.

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith died today. As we all know, she was the TrimSpa spokes model. The creater of Atkins died a few years ago of congestive heart failure. Makes good ol' diet and exercise a bit more likeable than quick-fixes, eh? My HyrdoxyCut ran out, I don't think I'm going to replace it.

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