Friday, February 9, 2007

baby got [less] back

Soooo ten pounds. What does that mean really?

Means a new pair of jeans for me soon, that's for sure. Take a look at these next two pictures. (Pardon, they're all of my ass.)

This was Christmas, after gorging myself on my family's food, and Boyfriend's family's even better food. Not one spare inch in those jeans.

This is from about, oh, ten minutes ago. Same pair of jeans, PLENTY of room. Seriously. Thisclose to a 12.

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Miss Reno Nevada said...

Big booty ho!! I've got that same problem. Thanks for the comment, I'm finally getting back on track with my diet.

I'd love to link to your page, but I'm slow when it comes to this new-fangled stuff.

Yep, I sure do live in Fresno. I don't go to Fresno State... I'm at the community college here attempting to transfer down south. I've already gotten accepted to Cal State Northridge, but I'm waiting for UCLA to respond. So I won't be here much longer!

I'd ask some questions, but I'm fresh outta 'em. So while I'm enjoying my can of peas, feel free to tell me something cool! :P