Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Beginnings

Well, I can no longer be considered a "kid", as in a matter of days I will have one of my own. This blog was integral to my weight loss a few years ago, and so it's only fitting that I return to it as I tackle post-baby weight.

I found a gym that reminds me of Planet Fitness, I have a Pilates Studio owner for a mom, and a jogging stroller from FreeCycle heading my way.

There is no better time for me to get healthy, for life. I don't have drum corps anymore to make me lose 30lbs over a 3mo period, and a winter to gain it back. I have a baby girl ready to enter into the world, who is going to be subject to all the thin-centric media in the world. She doesn't need to be skinny, she doesn't have to be fat, I just want her to look to her mom and know I've always been comfortable and healthy in my own skin - regardless of what my tags or scales say.

That's really what it's all about, giving her a prime example of a confident woman - someONE she can aspire to BE like, not someTHING to LOOK like.

As of today, November 27th, 2009, 37.5wks into my pregnancy - I weigh 239.8lbs. I've gained 40lbs during the pregnancy, but 30lbs previous to that from August 08 to April 09 after I came back from the summer.

By November 27th, 2010, I'd like to weigh 150lbs. This is still the "top" of my healthy weight/BMI range for my height, but it will be tiny for me. And that is the weight I'd like to stick to, something obtainable, but not ridiculously skinny, something I can maintain for a long time.

I'll be back soon! In the meantime, feel free to catch up on my nesting obsession. Adorning Alabama


unmatched_fabulous said...

typo there chels? you'd be disappearing at 139! :p

word up on the loss - i've lost - finally - 10 pounds, since late august. not awful, i've had my down/off weeks. fuckin tough though, lol. go us. i can't wait to meet delaney!

Chelsea Strong said...

Oh. Thats what I get for updating via iPhone. Typo fixed. :)