Friday, September 21, 2007

crisis adverted.

Okay, well the root canal is done and pain free. I've also had an eye crisis this week...apparently all those warnings about wearing your contacts too long are REAL. Eye ulcers suck, especially right in the cornea. *shudder*


I found a workout regimen that I LOVE. It's from FullFitness, a free fitness website. (I'm doing the fat-burning one. I tried it out tonight, and having a list to follow kept me from flailing with the weights.

I'm kinda frustrated with my body right now. Not my weight so much, but I guess more of my immune system. I'm taking really good care of myself, and all these bull-crap setbacks keep happening. Whether it's the flu, or temporary blindness, or a root's just mentally hard to work through.

I will work out each day this weekend, and Saturday and Sunday I'll do 3 sets of the fat-burning work out. Tonight I only did two, but ran around my apartment complex, and up the three flights of stairs, after.

I'm so close to the 160s. This always happens, I get close to a 10lb mark, and then something gets in the way. Pretty retarded.

Oh well. Thinking positive. This new routine will keep me from getting bored for a while at least, and it truly challenges me, and I leave the gym exhausted. Good.

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up chicky. I'm so proud of you :)