Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fight the temptation!


My kitchen is a fat-kid's dream right now. Lucky Charms, Kix, Banana Creme Pie, bacon, ice cream, and marshmallows in the pantry. But what am I eating right now? Veggie medley (broccoli, red bell, and mushrooms) and tuna.

I came home my my eye appointment in Vacaville, and I was really tempted to relax, watch TV, and have a big ol' slice of that pie my BF insisted on bringing home. (I did have some last night, I'm no angel) Instead, I got out of the apartment for an hour and KILLED it at the gym.

First I speed-walked on an incline for 5min, then ran for 15 more. Did my new weight-lifting pattern, ran for 5 more minutes, then did the pattern again. I'm not looking at the scale for a couple days, because the number is icky :( with the strength training, the muscle is adding a little bit of weight. BUT, I'm wearing a pair of 8/10 spandex pantalones right now that my teeny tiny mom gave me. So there :)

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Michael said...

Hey Chels! I dunno if you remember me becasue we haven't talked in forverrrrr... this is Mikey, i did Esperanza from 03-06 [and crown 07]... i founded the CCC! well i like your blog, good luck... i am aging out this summer and am auditioning for BD's pit in december... maybe we'll get to march!
aim = myvelouria94