Friday, March 9, 2007


Sooooo I think I'm going to finally take advantage of my nerd-hotness, and be a sexy school girl for Halloween this year, since my body will actually fit the "sexy" part.

Also, I need to lay outside and tan, cuz the tanning bed is leaving weird tan lines. Like under my butt, and on the sides of my boobs. I tried flipping over onto my stomach, but I felt like a rotisserie chicken.

I've lost about 10 inches all over my body since January 19th. Nothing special about that day, except it was the day I went to the mall and Boyfriend wanted to buy me jeans, and nothing would fit. Remember?

Well yeah. About a inch and a half from my hips alone. Woo!

I think this extra weight is also cuz I did weights the other day, when I normally just do cardio. So adding some unexpected muscle boosted the number on the scale. But whatever, I feel great today.

Breakfast: cottage cheese cup, and 1 vine tomato
lunch: Salad with 3oz chicken, another half tomato, 1tbsp of rasberry vinagrette dressing (40cal) and a sprinkle of chz. Feeling very very full. Okay, I've also had a couple gummy candies, but I'm really craving a cookie or something.

Maybe I'll buy some lowcal cookies to have in the house. We'll see.


Rob said...

How di you survive on that? I thought i wasn't eating much but its way more than you, although, my weight hasnt changed a jot! I think I need to re-evaluate my way forward! xx

Miss Reno Nevada said...

Dangit. Why'd you have to talk about rotisserie chicken? Phoo. Now I'm really hungry. :P