Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick of Myself

Okay, so I'm back. This last week has been crazy with the move, and then I got really sick. Who would have thought I'd catch the flu when moving heavy furniture in torrential downpours? Go fig.

Anyway, I'm back. Amanda, sorry I've been slacking.

My new house has a full length mirror, and I can't TELL you how long it's been since I've see all of me in one "shot" if you will. Truth is, I don't look as terrible as I thought. That's motivation number one. I'm not a disgusting pig, I'm still curvy in the right places, and not a huge blob of fat. But, I still weigh 190, which is "obese" according to those charts. Ridic, since I don't look "obese" but whatev.That number is way too high for me, personally. I'd be stoked to be back at 164, my weight post-tour. I was still curvalicious me, but much healthier.

Gym tonight after work, and I have to be serious about it. I went last week, and I got a "welcome back!" that made me want to shoot myself, because I know they can tell exactly how long it had been since I was in. I mean, jeezy creezy, it's a free membership, I might as well use it.

After this one is done tho, I'm thinking I'm going to go to the gym a block from my house, it'll be easier, and I bet they're cheaper. I should look into that. I really want to do a kickboxing class too. That would be pretty effing sweet.

My BIGGEST problem is my self-control w/ food. In the mornings, and at work, I'm pretty good. It's when I get home that I suck. Last night was better, but like when I'm alone, and my mom brings me all my favorite snacks from when I was a kid, I just devour them, like I did when I was a kid. Worst one? French's French Fried Onions. You know, the stuff that goes on top of green bean casserole. The other night I ate a can of them. Bleh.

My whole office is getting in shape, one is on Weight Watchers, the other one wants to run more (used to be a long distance runner) and the third is getting back into the gym. They're the people I deal with more, and it's HUGE motivation. We need to all look hot, hah. I can't be the cute young thing if I look disgusting.

Bottom line, it's time. Again.


Amanda said...

Good to see you my dear. :) It seems as if we both have our own separate means of being motivated...and also triggers for being fat asses. I'm so grateful we're doing this together, because I've accepted I cannot do it alone.

Amanda said...

Ha, just about a year to the date...and yet, still finding the same pesky struggles poking around.

When will it stop?

Chelsea Strong said...

As soon as we make it a lifestyle, which is very hard for us fatties.