Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chelsea Loses Weight: Take Two.


It's me.

How is everyone?

Austin, I know that was you.

Sooooooo Wednesday, it'll have been a month since I kinda...well...REALLY started slacking. My diets the same! Just...not NEARLY as much working out. I've gained about 2-3lbs...not that bad, but not that good either. I could have been losing weight for all that time.

Monday I start again. Fresh. And my goal is 10lbs in the next month. It's alot, I know, but I've done it before. The best part is that this time, boyfriend is dieting with me! And I'm going to make us dinners that are healthy, and he can't complain that he wants mac and cheese and meatloaf, because we all know, not-so-secretly, I want macandmeat too. He's gained some weight since he was at his lowest after the summer of 05, and he's not happy about it.

I know my 20lbs is ALOT, but I'm still kinda in the same general area I have been. People aren't gonna be like, "WHOA Chels!". They'll just say, "oh, you look great!"

Nuh uh. Back on Team Skinny-Shock. (I added the "shock" part to the already existing TS.)

So this weekend we went all out at Orlando theme parks. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World..pretty awesome. We weren't eating every funnel cake that came our way, but I will admit two pretzels and one hotdog were consumed this weekend.

Get used to that, by the way. Me writing down what I've been eating. I've fallen back into snacking at work. Crouton or two here, pinapple and grapes there, couple muffin tops (I know, I know).... I just need to stay reliable and get back into being really stringent.

Something else I discovered this weekend? I like mahi-mahi! I had it at Bubba Gumps. It actually doesn't taste like anything, which we decided is better than tasting super fishy. Soooo I'll be coming up with some super tasty but healthy dinners for us. Actually, I've got a recipe for ya for some zucchini...we tried it the other night.

Slice 3 zuccs lengthwise, carve out a little bit of the middle, like a canoe. Sautee some garlic in a wee bit of EEVO for about 5-10 seconds. Lay zucc cut side down in oil/garlic, season with salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste. Careful of not letting garlic burn, heat zucc until cut side is soft and tender, but skin is still crisp. Now add a little more salt/pepper, and sprinkle crumbled low-fat feta cheese on top. Broil until melted.
(That recipe is from my Chicken Soup for the Fat Ass' Soul, btw)

REALLY yummy, and BF loved it. I made that with my lobster/tri-tip dinner, Reno. I'll get you more recpies.

Okay, I'm tired now, and my puppy really wants to lick my face.

Sooooooo to recap (because as boyfriend informed me tonight, I tend to birdwalk)
1. hiback.
2. Austin sucks.
3. Chelsea sucks more.
4. Boyfriend admitted he sucked.
5. Orlando did NOT suck.
6. Low-fat/low-cal recipes from now on because...
7. ...WE (yes! both of us!) are on the weightloss track, and have a goal of 10lbs EACH in the next month. That means my fat-butt will be in the low 170's by the time I arrive back in California. Yay.

Next Chelsea is totally freaking out about this move to California.


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Miss Reno Nevada said...

Blah! Ruts! Getting out of them! Good stuff. I'm with you on getting back on track... On Monday. Stupid holidays. I really just like to cook and bake and and and eat. Yeah.

I don't think I've gained or lost weight (I've been terrified to look), but Monday it is. I've been very very bad. It's alright, I think I'm going to go on a strict diet this time. It's going to be a little creepy. We'll see what happens.


P.S. Give me recipes! I'm a good cook! Oh, and I can't wait to see you in the 'No!!