Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ally Terrill

I dont know about her being a mix anymore. I know she's most definitely a Collie, and Boyfriend said that the pound people were saying she was mixed with something, but nothing on her papers says "mix".

Either way, she's the sweetest thing. A little underweight right now, but her appetite is comin back. Just gotta take her on lots of walks.

As for mama, those walks are the only exersice I've been getting since we've had her. True, it's only been a couple days, and it's been my "weekend" when I'm usually lazy, but still.

I don't know about the 160's anymore. I mean, I'll get there eventually, just a whole lot of stuff going on. I only have 5 wks before we move home, and I should really only lose about 10lbs in that time. I haven't weighed myself since I've had the puppy either, just eating more veggies and fruit.

Apparently, I can't go running with Al until she's 2 yrs old. It would mess up her hops and elbows and stuff to "go running" for long periods of time. Ah well. I've gotta teach her to fetch so I can run around atleast.

Hope all is well with everyone out there in our little weight loss community :)
Chels (and Ally.)

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b13 said...

That is such a cute pup! Looks more like a Jack Russle (but too big). Definately a mix though. It's ok though. Mixes need hugs too :)