Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well, that was yesterday. I haven't weighed myself this morning...


Yay! Her name is Ally, she's 3mos old, and is a collie/beagle mix. Sweetest thing ever.

Oh, this fits right into my weightloss plan. Works with boyfriend, too. I take her for walks in the morning, and then after dinner we take her for a walk she can poo and pee before bedtime, and so mama and papa can get their heartrates up a little bit.

She can't run with us yet...when we're walking, she insists on walking between my legs, or wrapping the leash around us ala 101 Dalmations.

Also, as you may have noticed, I'm back on track again. Under my previous lowest of 184.4, but it took a week and a half of yoyoing to 187 to get back under. It's okay. Atleast I'm not yoyoing with big numbers or anything.

Last night I went into my old restaurant to get some food, and everyone was amazed. I was wearing my black spandex capris from the Gap that have pretty much become my workout uniform, and a lame white Hanes tshirt, but everyone that knew me there was like "You lose weight? you look AWESOME"

Why yes I have. 17lbs.

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b13 said...

Ohhhh post the puppy pics :) And Great work on the loss!!!