Thursday, March 1, 2007


Damn, I'm good.

I went to Old Navy today to buy a pair of jeans. I knew I would leave with a pair, even if they were size 16's. The bigger stores have all the sizes in stock.


Came home with TWO pairs of jeans, a jean skirt, and a few shirts just for fun, and they're all 14, slim fit, low waist.

And no muffin-topping or ass-cracking. They're not too tight at all, like where I'd normally say "Oh, I need to just break them in." I guess 5 lbs does make a difference, huh?

Luckily I got all of that for $140, so I didn't break the bank. I'll probably keep buying jeans from there until I decide I'm done losing weight. I'm losing it so fast, I don't want to spend $100 on one pair of jeans alone.

Ahh! I'm so close to 15lbs. This is ridiculous. I still kinda feel the same tho. Like when I look at my body, it's all the same shape, just smaller proportions. I can't wait to see a different silouette, and I think it's right around the corner :D

edit: After wearing my jeans to a hockey game, and not doing anything particularly active, I was pulling my NEW jeans up all night, because they kept falling down. Hah!
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Trev cut off my head, but my body is bangin. All new clothes. Doesn't show my hot leopard heels tho :(

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Miss Reno Nevada said...

Yay, leopard heels! And falling off clothes!!