Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So, I lost a little bit in the last week. I went to the gym all the time, but my eating habits were pretty wack. We went to a bunch of events this weekend (hockey game, Blue Man Group, Justin Timberlake) and combined with working, I never really had a chance to eat properly. I didn't eat MUCH, but when I did, it wasn't very healthy.

So I took today off of work, and now I'm eating cottage cheese. (SlimFast is the only other thing I've had yet today.) I'm going down to a job fair to apply at Starbucks, and maybe Jamba. I don't know if I want to work for the same company as my boyfriend, but we'll see. Starbucks actually offered me a job this summer, but I had already moved back to Florida.

I'm just kinda over my job. The only rewarding thing about it is getting cash in my pocket every time a table gets up.

Anyway, I'm gonna go do that, and then go to the gym for a looong time. I've got plenty of aggression I need to get out (hello? I've been on my period for like two weeks.) Come home and deep deep clean my house, which will only burn more calories. I need to get past the 180s. Once I get down to the 170s, I'll actually feel like I'm losing weight, like Miss Reno said. This summer I was about 183 when I was on my carrots and peanut butter diet for two weeks. I honestly don't know when I was in the 170s.

Also, I'm moving home in May, and I want there to be a signifigant difference in my size. Like, people from high school will see me on the street, and be like, "Chelsea? No way! Florida was good to you!" (Which is has been, I suppose. Not good enough to stay.)

Sooooo I'm goin for 170 by May 1.

That's on 18lbs from here, and then I only have 20 more to lose to reach my birthday goal. We will seeeeee!

I'm bringin' sexy back.

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