Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How exciting! This normally boring Tuesday has been elevated by a amusing arrangement of dates.

However, I look for motivation where ever I go, and decided today is as good as any to restart blogging!

The last two weeks(ish) I've been going to the gym, 3-5 times a week. I officially joined on the 27th, and haven't looked back!

I'm not doing any weight lifting just yet, focusing on cardio burn:

- 20min of walk/running between 3.5 and 5MPH, at 4.5-6% incline.

- 10min on the eliptical/stair climber machine. By Precor? Has yellow toes? KILLER. something like 11 calories per minute burned, on level one, without entering my weight. Love it!

So, I'm going to start taking, and posting pictures of my workout summaries, mostly so I remember to put them into my calorie tracker on my phone. Eating too.

OH! I've also stopped drinking soda (as of yesterday). While I'm a strict Diet Coker, I found out yesterday that carbonation block fat burn. NOT GOOD!

1/11/11. First day of the rest of my life!


Kelly said...

YAY Chels!!!! You inspire me!!

Amanda said...

I'm happy that you have rediscovered your motivation. :) Stick with it, sweets. Gotta push forward even on the days - even MORESO on the days we don't want to...go team skinny!