Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well hi there!

So, BD auditions are in a week. Seven days that will fly by like no other. This past week I've finally decided on a piece, and I'm really happy with it. I had been previously working on something else, but it just wasn't motivating me. This one I have now is in one of my favorite keys, and it's exactly what they need: technicality and expression. Loving it. It is NOT a jazz piece, just in case anyone was wondering.

I'm really getting excited. There's a whole lot of positive evergy flying around, and here's the bottom line: I'm going to make the line. I AM. There's no way possible that I'm not going to.

That's it.

No one is going to take my spot. I've been gone from this family way too long, and I'm finally ready to come back and do what everyone has known I'm capable of.

I've been running at least three times a week. I haven't lost much weight recently, but as I mentioned before, I am down to a size 8...a HUGE difference from auditions 3 years ago when I was a size 16. My member jacket doesn't even FIT anymore! No problem tho, haha. I'll still wear it.

Starting Monday I'm going to start playing for Trevor, and hopefully for my mom at least once as well, to get rid of jitters. They're obviously going to be much less critical than Wayne or John, but still.

So. Good luck to everyone who's auditioning, and I'll talk to you next Sunday.


b13 said...

good luck! Maybe you can get a video pf a performance up here for us to see? :)

Michael said...

Good luck! I'll be up there in 3 weeks... eeek. im ready.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Chels!

maybe I'll get to see you if BD stops by here again. =)

Anonymous said...

So, how did the auditions go? Let us know

Heather said...

Hey you, how did the audition go?! Oh, and go check out my new blog!!