Friday, July 6, 2007


As in SIZE 12.


They're Levi's too, which is friggin awesome, since Levi's run small, or so I'm told.

They're snug, but not ugly ass looks amazing! Also, plenty of motivation to workout to get them loose, and then too big. I will never buy 14s ever again.

Way excited.

Eating today has been kinda crappy...a Chop Chop Past Salad (SBUX) for breakfast (at like 6am and 8am) and then a ham sandwich from Genova's Deli. (Ham, fresh mozz, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, oil/vin instead of mayo, sour roll) We'll probably do something light for dinner, if anything. Mom wants to take us to Celedon for apps and salads, which sounds right up my alley. We'll see.

This weekend is gonna be nice and relaxing, just the 777 Renegade picnic on Saturday, then Sunday at the Hollister Bike Rally with Trev's mama. Then back to the grind on Monday, and a new JOB! Then next weekend, in LA with the corps. I won't have a whole lot of time to work out, so it is really going to be all about eating right and drinking LOTS of non-alcoholic, 0-calorie beverages,

Hope ya'll are doing well!


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