Monday, June 25, 2007

I have to get onto my other computer, cuz it's damn time I updated that little scale in the corner over there.

Maybe I will after I get back from the gym with neighbor/coworker Emily. We're gymming, then pooling/tanning. Yay.

A girl at work told me I look super skinny today. I'm not, I'm nowhere near skinny, but I am getting slimmer. It's wonderful. Seriously, I'm under 179. Read any post, that's like the magic number. I don't honestly remember being this number, EVER. Obviously I was at one point, but it was only on my way (weigh?) up.

K, time to change and call Emmy-poo.

Do you guys even read this anymore?

1 comment:

b13 said...

I keep checking back :) keep it up... er... down ;)