Tuesday, January 9, 2007

here fishy fishy

Dinner tonight was salmon and asparagus. (okay, and garlic bread). But the fact that I ate salmon, all on my own, is incredible. Not a huge fish person. We also bought some lean chicken to have in the house. I'm so lucky my boyfriend is so supportive of me losing weight and getting healthy...he even bought me personalized Nikes for Christmas! They're pink and black (he designed them) and they say Strongrl on them. That's a different story, but yeah. He's very good with keeping me on track. I'll need that when I'm starving, lol.

No weight measurement, I'm tryin to do it weekly.

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Sarah said...

That's cute!! Glad to hear you're on track still....You have inspired me to start attempting to lose weight again. I kinda stopped once people noticed that i lost 50lbs, becasue it felt good, but I'm still far from where I need to be....So, you're not alone in the new year new me battle!! Keep it up Chels!! Love ya!!